“Drown in My Own Tears” is a soulful and emotive song that was originally written by Henry Glover. Ray Charles recorded a powerful rendition of the song in 1956, and it was released as a single in 1957.

About The Song

The lyrics of “Drown in My Own Tears” convey deep feelings of heartbreak and sorrow. The emotional intensity of the song is heightened by Ray Charles’s soulful and passionate delivery. His expressive vocals, combined with the bluesy and gospel-infused arrangement, create a haunting and moving listening experience.

The song became one of Ray Charles’s early hits and is considered a classic in the soul and rhythm and blues genres. “Drown in My Own Tears” showcases Charles’s ability to connect with listeners on a profound emotional level, and it became a pivotal track in his career.

Over the years, “Drown in My Own Tears” has been covered by various artists, but Ray Charles’s rendition remains iconic and has left a lasting impact on the history of soul music.



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It brings a tear
Into my eyes
When I begin
To realize
I’ve cried so much
Since you’ve been gone
I guess I’ll drown in my own tears
I sit and cry
Just like a child
My pouring tears
Are runnin’ wild
If you don’t think
You’ll be home soon
I guess I’ll drown, oh yes, in my own tears
I know it’s true
Into each life
Oh, some rain, rain must pour
I’m so blue
Here without you
It keeps raining
More and more
Why don’t you
Come on home
Oh yes, so I won’t
Be all alone
If you don’t think
You’ll be home soon
I guess I’ll (drown in my own tears)
Ooh, don’t let me (drown in my own tears)
When I’m in trouble, baby (drown in my own tears)
Oh, yeah, baby don’t let me (drown in my own tears)
I guess I’ll drown in my own tears
Oh, hmmm

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