“Marguerita” is a song performed by Elvis Presley and featured in the 1963 film “Fun in Acapulco”. In the film, Elvis Presley plays the character Mike Windgren, a former trapeze artist who takes a job as a trapeze artist. lifeguard in Acapulco.

About The Song

“Marguerita” is a lively and catchy song that Elvis Presley performs in a nightclub scene in the film. The song adds to the musical and entertaining aspects of “Fun in Acapulco”, showcasing Elvis’s musical talents within the context of the film’s plot.



🎵 Let’s sing along with the lyrics! 🎤

Who makes my heart beat like thunder?
Who makes my temperature rise?
Who makes me tremble with wonderful rapture
With one burning glance, from her eyes
Once I was free as a gypsy
A creature too wild to tame
Then suddenly I saw, Marguerita
And I was caught, like a moth in the flame
Marguerita…is her name
Her lips have made me her prisoner
A slave to her every command
She captivates me, and intoxicates me
With one little touch of her hand
Sweet…Marguerita…sweet, sweet Marguerita….

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