“Return to Me” is a classic song performed by Dean Martin, and it was released in 1958. The song became one of Dean Martin’s notable hits and is celebrated for its romantic and sentimental qualities.

About The Song

The lyrics of “Return to Me” express a longing for a lost love and the hope for a reunion. The narrator implores their lost love to return and shares the pain of being separated. The emotional depth of the lyrics, combined with Dean Martin’s smooth and emotive vocal delivery, contributes to the poignant atmosphere of the song.

Musically, “Return to Me” is a ballad with a melodic and timeless quality. The orchestration complements the romantic theme of the song, enhancing the emotional impact. The song’s refrain, “Return to me, oh my dear, I’m so lonely,” became particularly memorable.

“Return to Me” achieved commercial success, reaching high positions on the charts, and has since become one of Dean Martin’s enduring classics. The song has been covered by various artists over the years, but Dean Martin’s rendition remains the most well-known.



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[Verse 1]
Return to me
Oh my dear I’m so lonely
Hurry back, hurry back, oh my love
Hurry back, I’m yours
Return to me
For my heart wants you only
Hurry home, hurry home, won’t you please
Hurry home to my heart

My darling
If I hurt you I’m sorry
Forgive me
And please say you are mine

[Verse 2]
Return to me
Please come back bella mia
Hurry back, hurry home to my arms
To my lips and my heart
Return to me, return to me

Ritorna me
Cara mia ti amo
Solo tu, solo tu, solo tu
Solo tu, mi amor
Return to me

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