Truck On Fire Drives To Fire Department but Nobody’s There!

A guy driving his truck down the road began to notice smoke coming from his engine compartment. Not knowing what to do, the guy drove to the fire department because it’s becoming apparent that his truck is on fire! When the driver gets to the fire department he then notices nobody is there. Apparently, all of the firefighters were actually out on another call at the time. So now the guys truck is just sitting in front of this fire department completely engulfed in flames with nobody to put it out! Suddenly an off duty firefighter driving by sees the guys truck on fire. The firefighter then pulls a hose off a truck already at the station and began to put the fire out just as the active fire engine and its firefighters arrive back at the station. Thankfully the fire was eventually put out but this could’ve definitely turned into a much worse situation considering how close the truck was parked to the building.