How to SUPER CLEAN your Engine Bay Safely!

If you ask any car guy, most of us will say that detailing our rides is a big part of the process of owing a special machine. Many car guys spend countless hours making sure that their car is nice and shined up, ready to impress at the local car show, however, even for those who spend a lot of time making sure the ride is shining, a lot of people tend to forget to detail under the hood! For some of those who do take a minute to wash underneath the hood, there may be some practices that could use a little bit of beefing up to make sure that they’re finally safer but could give you a better end product as well. This time, YouTube mechanic, ChrisFix is on the task, showing us how exactly he goes about getting the best clean that he possibly can under the hood of his car in the safest way possible.

This might be one of the videos that you want to watch if you thought that getting the engine bay of your machine clean would be a process that takes a long period of time because the way that he lays it out makes it look a lot simpler than it actually is. At the end of the video, he has all the components under the hood of his car shining nice and clean.

Follow along in the video below that will give you the rundown on how you can super clean your engine bay in the safest way possible. Afterward, be sure to tell us what you think of the methods that Chris picked out to make sure this his bay was glistening. Are there any other methods that you have experienced that could help other people to clean their cars? Be sure to sound off about your favorite detailing methods!