Start Them Young… Powerwheel Tug Of War is a Real Thing!

Power Wheels are possibly the coolest toys for gearhead kids to get them started in the hobby we all know and love. From an adorable young lady drifting in her hopped up electric ‘Vette to Mustangs converted into miniature all-out drag cars, there’s something for every kid in the power wheels lineup, including those who are into the off-road scene. And no, we aren’t talking about the adults taking these battery powered rides and racing them downhill through the woods, although we do still really want to try that. We’re talking about a Power Wheels tug-of-war. At the Diesel Thunder Tugs, one of the biggest off-road events in Gulfport, MS, the opening event is the kids Little Heroes Power Wheels Tug of War, which not only provides some entertainment for the crowd but also helps the kids feel like they’re really a part of the sport themselves and not just spectators. In the first round, we have a Cummins duallie taking on a blue Ford F150, with the Mini-Dodge taking the win after several rounds. At one point, the kid driving the F150 lost his passenger, who seemed to be more interested in playing in the dirt than riding shotgun in the tug-of-war. In the winner-stands format, the Cummins went on to the finals to face the retuning champions in their Jeep, and things got interesting from there. With an Academy Sports gift card on the line, the finale was a close contest, but eventually the black Cummins came out on top, dutifully dragging the champion’s Jeep for the win.

This looks like a great time and, despite some expected dejection from losing, the kids all seemed to have a good time. This is just one reason the off-road community is one of the tightest and fastest-growing in all of motorsports.