Smart And Powerful… Extreme Logging ATV Harvests Tons Of Trees

Moving across different and the difficult terrains to harvest trees has been the challenging task for lodgers. Well, these logging ATV machines will solve all of those problems. In this video, we see how these machines operate with ease. They were developed and produced by a Swedish company Kranman AB. They serve as the attachment for the quad bike and are the must have for lodgers. Namely, three machines feature in the video below, the Kranman T1900ex trailer, the Hydraulic T2000ex timber trailer, the P25 Harvesters. These logging ATV machines operate through muddy terrains, the tall grass, steep terrains and harvest trees with the press of a button. Though they are relatively small, and they can lift and transfer tons of trees. The driver operates the machines from a quad bike, meaning he does not even have to get out! And all three of them, have bars on each side where the logs are placed and they can carry as much as possible. They pick the logs up with the handle that tightly grabs and moves the logs onto a machine itself. What do you think, will lodgers take on this idea seriously, start implementing the machines on their own?