Quad Turbo Big Block Engine In This S3xy Hot Rod Is A Scary Beast!

You wanna see a killer hot rod with an even more killer-er engine? GREAT, all ya gotta do is click play bro. The hot rod’s engine was pulled from a Jaguar. On the dyno it pulled 450 lb ft of torque at just 2000 rpm and should be able to get 680 lb ft of torque at 5000 rpm once the owner gets it running right. Once he has everything working as it should, he projects a close to 800 hp pump out at 6000 rpm. Pretty epic, yeah? By the way, I have got to ask. How do you like this dude’s home garage? Amazing, right? I like that he says he’s just got a lot of junk laying around. I hope he puts out a new video when the car and its quad turbo big block engine is running smoothly.