Quad Turbo 8L Bugatti Chiron Hits 217mph in 20 Seconds!

The Chiron goes from 0-200+ in just a few seconds! Bugatti has always been raising the bar in the car world, but the Chiron is on an entirely different level. It comes from the factory with 1500HP and four turbos hooked up to an 8L W16 engine. It also has a very healthy price tag of 3 million dollars. Bugatti has held the top speed record for a long time now, and this car is on track to break that. When it starts up the first thing you hear is those turbos spooling up, it’s like music. In this video we see it go from 0-350KM/h (217) in just 20 seconds that’s unimaginable for most people! That’s just the start if it had more room it could hit its top speed of 261 MPH!