Perfectly Built 1/4 Scale Free Style 250cc Chevy V8 Engine Is Gonna Amaze You For Sure!

I bet, many of you have an interest in engines, especially in perfectly functional ones. So, today we share an amazing video for you to enjoy! What you’re going to see in this video below is a perfectly built, 1/4 scale, free style Chevy V8 engine that look, sounds and runs fascinating.

This 200cc engine weighs 17kg, has a cylinder head length of 200mm, has fully water cooled cylinder head and piston sleeves, oil pan manufactured using 1mm sheet steel, 270 degree sport camshafts, modified diaphragm carburetor, 3D printed plastic distributer cap and uses 95 octane unleaded fuel.

Check out the video below to see how stunning this engine really is and enjoy!