This is What a Motorcycle Wreck at 140mph Looks Like!

While there are plenty of words to describe this crash, the one that immediately comes to mind is OUCH!!! This biker, who’s screaming down the interstate at double the speed limit – assuming the speed limit is the typical 70 MPH – takes his eyes off the road briefly and feels a great sense of regret.. He has only a few milliseconds to regret it before he began to feel something else, though: the pain of slamming into the back of an SUV at ridiculous speeds. Assuming the SUV is running the posted speed limit, the impact would have the same force as the biker driving into the back of a parked car at 70 MPH. However, if the bone-crunching force of the impact wasn’t enough to kill the guy, and it may likely have been since there is no information available about the rider or his condition, then tumbling down the road after the crash itself may very well have done him in. If you slow down the playback, you can see the rider sailing helplessly through the air after slamming into the back of the SUV, then slamming to the ground. At that point, his helmet-mounted camera detaches and goes flying by itself, seemingly tumbling forever before finally skidding to a stop. With no information available, we can only speculate on the outcome, and honestly at these speeds the safer speculation is that the crash was likely fatal. There’s only so much force the human body can take and impacting another car with a closing velocity of 70 MPH would be more than enough to surpass that threshold.

While we certainly don’t wish the rider to be harmed, we’re just playing the odds based on the severity of the crash, however, we do hope he survived. There could also be injuries inside the SUV, based on nothing more than how hard the bike slammed into the rear end. Shattering glass and a sudden impact from several hundred pounds could easily cause the driver to lose control or could cause injures alone. Hopefully, though, none of that happened and everybody made it out okay.