Jay Leno Showcases Some MIND-BLOWING Cars From His Garage!

Even if you don’t consider yourself an automotive enthusiast, chances are you’ve heard about the world-famous Jay Leno’s Garage. Apparently, being a comedian can put a lot of green in your pockets, as you’re about to find out. The awesome crew from Hoonigan Garage gave Jay Leno a visit, and even they were blown away by these insane machines. Leno’s massive garage consists of many rooms, where he carefully bundles together vehicles of same age, manufacturer or purpose. Still, there was one room which simply made our jaws drop, and it’s the “large displacement” area. It contains some 100+ year old cars which sport gigantic airplane engines! With a displacement of 20+ liters, it’s no wonder why these behemoths are extremely rare nowadays, but they are a true spectacle for sore eyes. If modern automobiles are your cup of tee, Jay has you covered. From the latest Italian supercars to modern American muscle cars, this building has it all. To check out some of the epic vehicles mentioned in the text above, click on the video below and enjoy the show!