This Guy Built a Miniature Chevy Nova II and it is Badass!


In the world of gears, hobbies span far and wide. Some folks choose to dabble in most common of hobbies like wrenching under the hood of a car or building some sort of motorcycle but this time, we check out a one-of-a-kind creation that involves lots of custom work. Instead of heading out and just buying a regular old Chevrolet Nova, this guy’s Chevy II is completely custom built from the ground up but it’s not what you’re thinking. Instead of buying some sort of roller and making a custom creation, this wrenching genius created his very own miniature Nova from raw materials!

From what we’re told, the car is powered by a 250 cc engine and it clearly cranks out its fair share of power as accompanied by a five-speed gearbox and racing slicks. In the demonstration here, the driver says that he was only able to get in the third for a second, leading us to believe that this little thing has a lot left in it.

Check out the video below and tell us what you think of this insane piece of custom artwork as it rips around and shows us exactly what it’s made of. To construct something like that from the ground up has to take an insane amount of ability with all sorts of tools and machinery.