GIRL on Hayabusa TROLLS Hellcat!

Dodge’s Hellcat rides are some of the fastest and most powerful cars to ever roll off the assembly line, but even with their 700+ horsepower under the hood, they’re no match for Suzuki’s 1,300 cc Hayabusa, a well known top end giant. The Hellcat driver is just out for a cruise, testing to see if his new K&N air filter makes a noticeable difference in wide-open-throttle performance. He jokingly says the filter should have added about 100 horsepower, then admits it’s more likely good for about 8 ponies. He rolls into the throttle and the car roars to life, the supercharged Hemi screaming as the transmission slides from gear to gear, building a head of steam and quickly reaching triple-digit speeds. Just as the Hellcat really begins to stretch its legs, we hear a very distinctive sound: the unmistakeable wail of a modified bike blowing past at a dizzying speed. Much like the scream of an Indy car mixed with the guttural roar of an old school small block, the engine of the Hayabusa announces its arrival onto the scene with authority as the rider streaks past, then rolls out of the throttle. The guys in the Hellcat catch up with the bike, noting that the rider is of the female variety. They motion for her to pull over, where the chat for a few moments before pulling back into the highway for another quick run through the gears. This time, they roll together to 40 MPH, then the camera guy counts off a three count. As soon as the ‘Busa chick twists the throttle open, the bike begins to play the Gap Band, putting several bus lengths on the Hellcat within seconds.

When it comes to top end runs, there are very few rides out there that can hang with the Hayabusa, especially a modified one.