This Ford Power Stroke Diesel Truck Smashed Over The Mustang FL2K14! MUST SEE This Intense Drag Race!


Very often do we see Fords, and especially Mustangs competing at the 1/4 run. However, what you don’t see every day are Mustangs matching up their strength with Ford 6.4L Diesel trucks and certainly even less often would you see a Ford Mustang lose a race against a vehicle like that. Still, keep in mind the fact these Power Stroke 6.4L engines can be tuned to ramp up an output to 500 hp and 1,000 Nm of torque. This certainly looks like it could be the case in this drag race, however, the result of it was due to poor driving.

This video is a must watch for all fans of diesel trucks! It appears that the Mustang got a good launch but then it missed the shift in second gear while the diesel truck quickly recovered after taking it slowly from the start to end up as the ultimate winner of the race. The Ford diesel truck made 11.856 at 124.77mph while the Mustang ran with speed of 114.81mph in 12.927 seconds.