Duramax-powered Colorado races Nissan GT-R!


Before we jump into this street-racing video we have to say the following: we don’t promote street racing. If you want to race you should head to the track, where it’s legal and, y’know… safer.

With that out of the way, let’s check out today’s competitors. First up, we have a Nissan GT-R running E-85 with full bolt-ons. While the specifics of the bolt-ons aren’t identified we shall rest assured knowing that they are, at the very least, “full”

In stock form the GT-R could run anywhere from 485hp t0 542hp, depending on model year, so its fair to say this car is producing 500hp at the bare minimum.

In the other lane we have a highly–HIGHLY–modified first-generation Chevy Colorado. Under the hood sits a long-block 6.6L Duramax hooked up to a stock Allison six-speed automatic. Running a non-OEM Garrett GTX4202R turbo cranked to 42 psi the little truck is good for 660hp and a pavement-peeling 1,125lb-ft of torque.

So, will it be the diesel V8 or the ethanol-powered V6 Nissan? Place your bets and find out below.