Driver Discovers Why A 6.0 Ford Powerstroke Is Not For Mudding

You may never cure stupid, but you can certainly avoid being one. And this time, it’s about why you should never let your 6.0 Ford Powerstroke go near a mud hole. Why? The short answer is it sucks, and you may as well end up having a hall of fame truck that never got out of the mud especially if help is as bonehead as this one too. The driver of this Ford below probably thought a Powerstroke is a name even a mud would fear, but he sure made a terrible mistake. It may be able to take on a few mud holes but surely not something deep and intense. The dumb driver tried it anyway, and the end-result? The head gasket of his Powerstroke blew, and his truck ended up needing a tow. Lucky for the driver, there was another Ford ready to help but unlucky for him, it was totally helpless. And oh, legends say that the stuck Ford is still being pulled by the other Ford to this day. Probably needing a Chevy or a Cummins help, what you think?

Well, just another video of Ford fail and this time, it’s a double Ford fail. Check it out through the footage shared below.