Chevy Small Block V8-Powered BMW 3-Series vs. 1,100 HP Nissan GT-R Drag Race Is Strange

We’ve seen out fair share of E36 engine swaps over they years, but we have to admit the US-flavored one we’ve just come across is one of the most unconventional. This Bavarian machine is now powered by a Chevy Small Block heart. And things don’t end with the 355ci V8 that occupies the E36 Coupe’s engine compartment. The 5.8 liters of engine breathe with the help of a massive supercharger. The blower currently delivers around 8 lbs of boost. The sheer soundtrack of this car is enough to raise eyebrows. And given its loud voice, this happens on quite a large radius. The engine works with a Turbo 400 automatic tranny, but the owner hasn’t managed to raise enough funds to replace the rear end. He does plan to ditch the BMW hardware and replace it with a Ford 9-inch rear end. The man explains he’s had the car dynoed, but the results are surprising. While the power at the wheels sits at a rather modest 400 hp, this thing is a torque monster. The guy claims the Bimmer now has around 780 lb-ft (1,057 Nm) of twist. As for the quarter mile game, this 3-Series can deliver 11s passes. Which brings us to the footage below. The Chevy-powered BMW was obviously spotted at the drag strip, where it eventually did its thing. The E36 raced various machines, but a battle with a Nissan GT-R was the one that drew our attention. We are talking about a Godzilla example pushed all the way up to 1,100 hp. The GT-R didn’t use launch control, but this was one odd race, as you’ll be able to see below.

PS: yes, we decided to skip the part where we described the way in which the car’s exterior was customized. That’s because we don’t enjoy riced BMWs.