Chevrolet’s New Army Truck is Pure American Awesomeness

General Motors has created the ultimate truck for the army: the Chevrolet Colorado ZH2. In a press release issued today, GM marks this truck as “the most extreme off-road-capable fuel-cell-powered electric vehicle ever from General Motors.”

At 6.5 feet tall and more than 7 feet wide, this imposing truck is mighty in its stature. To match its appearance, the suspension is just as rugged. With 37-inch tires and a heavily modified suspension, this truck can climb over just about anything that appears in front of it on the battlefield.

Its looks and size might be what turns heads online, but it was GM’s job to not turn any enemy’s heads when deployed. To do this, GM has installed a fuel cell to have the truck run on electricity. By doing this, the truck runs almost completely silent and has reduced acoustic and thermal signatures.