Airborne Cuda: AJ Fiorelli’s 1200′-Foot Wheelstand is Longest Ever!


There’s no shortage of amazing things coming out of the World Power Wheelstanding Championships at Byron Dragway over the years, but possibly none can top AJ Fiorelli’s amazing performance from last Fall. Behind the wheel of his Barracuda, Fiorelli executed the longest wheelstand in the history of the competition, lifting the wheels for the near entirety of the 1,320-foot strip. Oh, and lets not forget that he did so without the use of wheelie bars or steering brakes. It’s a mastery of throttle control and an incredible machine that makes this possible.

The World Power Wheelstanding Championships was the brainchild of Ron Leek – owner of Byron Dragway – and has been the ring master of this horsepower circus since the 1960s was when the competition first started. Over the years, it’s grown into one of the most covered events in the drag racing media circles.

According to a post on, “Competitors and fans alike bundle up to see who has the balls, horsepower, and chassis setup to carry the front wheels of their car furthest down the track. In years past competitors have taken wheelies to the eighth mile and maybe a little farther but no one has done this and done it in such a graceful and drama free manner. The car came up as expected, unloaded the rear tires for a brief second, landed, caught traction and motored down with the nose in a near vertical position for well over 1,000ft and maybe more and 1,100 feet. This is truly awesome!”

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