800 HP Hennessey Z/28 Camaro Drag Races 850 HP ZL1 Camaro with Burnout Galore

If you happen to be inside a Camaro ZL1 massaged by Hennessey, there aren’t too many cars out there that can outrun you. But what if you happen to meet a Z/28 Camaro touched by the Texan tuner? Hennessey Performance has decided to answer the question above with the help of a drag race. But wait, there’s a twist – the guy in the ZL1 is the same with the guy in the Z/28. No, he’s not driving both at the same time, but this Hennessey customer ordered both models, with the cars being delivered at the same time.

The numbers alone are enough to blow one’s mind
We are talking about a 1,650 hp showdown here, with the battle obviously taking place outside public roads. Here’s how the tuner put it “What happens when the Hennessey team delivers 2 specially prepared Camaro’s, a Z/28 & Zl1 with a combined 1,650 HP, to a customer who has access to an airport runway?”

But the real-world confrontation is what really impresses here
This clip will show you the difference between a really fast muscle car and an insanely fast muscle machine. In the Black corner, we have Hennessey’s 800 HP take on the Z/28 track beast, while in the… Black corner we can find the Lone Star State tuner’s 850 HP ZL1 Camaro. What we have here is the Hennessey-supercharged Z/28’s 7-liter V8 going up against the ZR1-powered Camaro ZL1 with the tuner’s entry-level  850 HP upgrade pack.
Sure, we could sit here and talk numbers all day, but watching the two battling it out on the airport runway is a much better thing to do.

: As one of our readers points out below, the cars in question are not the 1,000 HP Z/28 and the 650 ZL1 (as we originally thought). Instead, we are dealing with the 800 HP Z/28 and the 850 HP ZL1, so the article has been modified accordingly. Still, we have to keep in mind the Z/28 has a weight advantage of over 300 lbs (145 kg).