7 Most Epic Transport Operations In History

This is some hardcore, heavy stuff! Well, have you ever seen hundreds or even millions of tons of material moved? The video below details seven of the most epic transport feats in human history and it is pure gold. The lightest one of these is the huge magnet, 50 feet in diameter! The magnet took 35 days to transport over the astounding 3200 miles of land and sea routes, and just to get to its destination where it researches muons, tiny subatomic particles. At the price of 25 million bucks just to get the job done, it’s the pricey operation, but it is totally worth it! The heaviest of these epic transport achievements is the Troll A sea platform. This is the huge, 300 feet high natural gas platform and it is the largest transportable object in the entire world! Since it was built, and it has been supplying 10% of the entire production of European natural gas, that’s just the mind-boggling amount! It weighs the incredible 50 million tons, it was moved 50 miles over five days by 10 towing boats at the incredibly slow speeds of about one knot per hour. Now, a platform stands halfway buried in the North Sea, producing gas for Statoil.