A 1980 Flymo Hovering Lawnmower Cold Start and Mowing

Over the years there have been a lot of wacky inventions that have come to the forefront and people have actually bought. Just think about it, at one point in time, there was a craze known as the “pet rock” where kids of all ages would purchase a rock as, well, a pet as the name infers. It just goes to show you how crazy things can be with the expanse of useless crap that what people will buy for one reason or another, even things like this rock that you could go find on the ground for free! Consumers who have their money ready to roll are going to buy just about anything that has a price tag on it and that’s where things get interesting for prospective marketers.

This time, we check out one of those crazy inventions but this one actually seems to have some merit behind it. Just when you thought that the future would be a collection of flying cars, this time, we would check out a situation that shows off a flying lawnmower that goes by the name of the “Flymo.” With the help of a system that helps it to levitate above the ground, the Flymo doesn’t make use of wheels to help you cut the grass but instead, has something a little bit different in mind to get the job done.

What exactly does a levitating lawnmower look like? The video below shows off someone who has procured one of the oddities of the 80s and puts it to use. It seems to be something that is quite functional so it really leads you to wonder why something like this never ended up being improved upon to the point where it’s used today. I, for one, would be incredibly interested to see what a 2017 Flymo looks like!